Thursday, 10 October 2013

IES de Poio: Paula, Cris and Laura

Laura, Cris and Paula introduce theirselves.

They chose the sculpture known as Artemision bronze, (National Archaeological Museum of Athens) .
This bronze statue was dated to 460 BC, in the transition period between archaism and classicism.
The figure continues to support both feet despite the dynamic begins to sign up. The work represents a god at the time of launch with right hand an object that has been lost. Its size is greater than natural (2.10). We discuss whether it is Zeus throwing lightning or if it is  Poseidon throwing his trident.


  1. Paula, Cris and Laura, nice to meet you here, even through your voices.
    It is great happiness for me and great honor as well, hearing from you that you study ancient Greek literature and you love doing it!!!
    Me personally, and my students thank you for this!!
    We will be glad to be in contact and collaborate with you!!

  2. Ancient Greek is such a beautiful language!
    The students of IES de Poio are eager to work with Greek and Italian students.
    We hope we will learn a lot about Ancient Greece and its impact on our culture.
    See you soon on the blog!

  3. Hello! We're Paola and Nicoletta from Pinerolo (Italy). We're happy to be part of this wonderful project and looking forward to working with you all.

  4. Ola! Many compliments for your creativity, Paula, Cris and Laura!
    I hope this virtual (and perhaps real...) journey to Greece will be a beautiful adventure for all of us.