Saturday, 28 September 2013

Project description

Our project, Homer in focus, gets together European students of Ancient Greek language, literature and culture in order to work in a collaborative way on The Iliad and the Odyssey, the great founding works of the Western Literature. Our project pursues an innovative, multilingual and intercultural approach to the study of Homer, his works, the historical context, the epic, myths and characters, , as well as its impacts on modern European culture. Taking Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey as the starting point, the students will dramatize well-known scenes, such as the farewell of Hector and Andromache, and will reflect on the values of the characters. Our goal is to create meaningful tasks, so that students take learning seriously and improve a wide range of skills.

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  1. Hello everybody!
    I am very glad to cooperate with you and your pupils about the homeric poems, one of the roots of our culture.



  2. Well done! My students will be happy to cooperate with you all! I'm sure they will soon understand how much our modern characters echo Homer's creations!

  3. It is our pleasure to work with all of you!