Friday, 11 October 2013

IES de Poio: Bea, Nerea, Ángela

Bea, Nerea and Ángela introduce theirselves. They chose The lady of Auxerre, (Louvre Museum)

The Lady of Auxerre was named after the little Museum of Auxerre, a small city in the vicinity of Paris, where, in the 19th century, a Louvre curator sighted her in the vault of that museum.
It was decided she was a specimen of the so-called Daedalic type of eastern origin cultivated in the Greek world of the seventh century BC. Typical, in this respect, is her wig (which could also be Egyptian) and triangular face, while her dress is of the ancient Cretan type.


  1. Ola Bea, Nerea and Angela!
    Very nice presentation! I hope you can enjoy this common experience with other European pupils.

  2. Una presentación muy original, parabéns/ felicidades por este nuevo blog. Feliz singladura.