Friday, 11 October 2013

IES de Poio: Soraya, Brian

Soraya and Brian introduce theirselves. They chose the Riaze bronces (Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia)

The Riace warriors (c. 460–430 BC) are two life-size statues of nude, bearded warriors, which were literally pulled from the sea following their accidental discovery by a scuba diving party off the coast of Monasterace, Italy in 1972. They are a major find since most ancient Greek sculpture is known to us only through surviving Roman replicas, usually carved in marble. On the other hand, these rare figures are cast in bronze and feature eyes inlaid in bone and glass, silver teeth and copper-plated lips and nipples to heighten their naturalism and tactility. 

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  1. Ola Soraya and Brian!
    You have choosen two statues which I love very much.
    I remeber, when I was student (last century! better, last millennium...) in Florence, the exposition of these statues at the archeological Museum of this city after ten years of restoration. It was a great emotion.
    And last May with a group of pupils I was in Reggio Calabria, where those statues actually are conserved: I have seen them layed out for another restoration.
    I hope that you, young people, can develop an always greater attention for treausures as these and can recognize in them our common roots.